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Saturday, 2019-04-13 – Day Hike on LHHT Rt 30 to Rt 271

WhereLHHT Rt 30 to Rt 271
WhenSaturday, 2019-04-13
Leave7 am – Hills Church Parking Lot
Return7 pm – Hills Church Parking Lot

We will be taking a day hike on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (LHHT) from the route 30 trail head to the route 271 trail head. This is about a 12 mile section. After this we will only have one more section of the LHHT to complete.

Be sure to eat breakfast before you come. We will have a morning and afternoon snack on the trail as well as lunch. On the way home, we will stop for dinner at a restaurant for dinner.

Each scout should be dressed appropriately for the weather, and have a day pack to carry their equipment and share of the food. Do not forget to bring at least two full water bottles. A bottle of gatorade or other sports drink may also be advisable to bring.

We will have a troop first aid kit with us, but each scout should have a personal first aid kit (like the ones we built at a recent meeting).

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