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Merit Badge Opportunity – Archeology @ Fort Necessity

The scouts may take this merit badge class either on June 27 or on July 13.  The scouts will have a great time learning Archaeology, participating in a mock dig, making a soldier’s musket cartridge and studying the French and Indian War soldiers. There is a merit badge counselor on staff to sign the boys’ blue cards.  The program will start at 10:00 a.m. and scouts should bring a lunch.

Prerequisites.  There are two prerequisites.  The scouts do either requirement 4a or requirement 4b before arriving. They will do requirement 4c at Fort Necessity. The second prerequisite is that the scout’ is to complete requirement 5. Fort Necessity’s web page has some resources the scouts can use to learn about some archaeological site in the United States.
Program Length: about 5 hours

Reservations are required. There is a $5 per scout fee for the program.  Adults are free.

To make reservations call Jane Clark at 724-329-8124 or email her at  For more information on programs for scout visit our website at


You can find a list of additional merit badge opportunities at:

Summer Camp – What do I need to know?

Location:             Eberly Scout Reservation, Camp Conestoga, Mohawk Campsite
( 40.02088087096462, -79.23087692733077 )

Arrival:                11 am, Sunday, June 18, 2017

Departure:           9 am, Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bring:                  Completed Health Forms, Class ‘A’ Uniform, Personal Equipment

Family Night:     5 pm – 10 pm, Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Health Forms

First and foremost, you need to bring a completed BSA Health form A, B, & C.  If you do not have this with you, you will not be allowed to stay at camp.  You can download the form at:

Your doctor’s office will need to fill out section C, so do not expect to bring the blank form and fill it out at camp.

Times and Locations

The family of each scout attending summer camp is responsible for transportation to and from camp. Please arrive between 11 am and 12 pm on Sunday.  Each scout will need to unload their equipment and set up their tents and the troop pavilion by 1 pm when we need to begin check-in at the health lodge as a group. Please do not be late.

Departure from summer camp will be on the following Saturday between 8 am and 9 am.

Family Night

Wednesday night at camp is family night.  It is an opportunity for each Scout’s family to join them at camp for an evening to visit and see what fun things they have been up to.  As a Troop, we typically like to have a potluck dinner that evening to share with all of the families, so consider bringing food to share.

The evening program will begin in each campsite at 5 pm and conclude with a camp-wide campfire around 9:30 pm.  Also during the evening will be the Order of the Arrow tap out ceremony for those scouts that have elected this year.

Family night is not just for those scouts from the troop attending summer camp this year.  As a troop we are a family and all are invited and encouraged to attend family.

What should I Bring?


Equipment List
(Please mark ALL equipment and clothing with your name and unit number!)


[ ] Scout Uniform
[ ] Extra T-Shirts
[ ] Extra Shorts/Pants
[ ] Extra Socks
[ ] Extra Underwear
[ ] Boots/ Sturdy Shoes
[ ] Jacket/ Sweatshirt
[ ] Raincoat/ Poncho
[ ] Swim Trunks
[ ] Hat


[ ] Pocket Knife
[ ] Flashlight
[ ] Extra Batteries/Bulb
[ ] Pocket First Aid kit
[ ] Canteen/Water Bottle
[ ] Footlocker
[ ] Insect Repellent
[ ] Sunscreen
[ ] Compass

[ ] Shower/ Personal Toiletries
[ ] Toothbrush/ Toothpaste
[ ] Shower Shoes

[ ] Sleeping Bag/ Blankets
[ ] Pillow
[ ] Large sheet of cardboard to cushion springs on cot
[ ] Paper & Pencils
[ ] Matches, Hot spark
[ ] Scout Handbook
[ ] Survival Kit
[ ] Camera
[ ] Spending money for trading post


DO NOT bring any of the following:

Fireworks, Ammunition, Firearms, Pets, Sheath Knives, Alcoholic Beverages, Electronic Games, Kerosene or Gas Lanterns

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